Daniel Richter
bass, vocals
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The band LACRIMA CHRISTI presents nearly all types of death metal and its roots.
Some material contains non-typical elements. That sometimes makes it difficult to listen to that music, but it always keeps it interesting.
Most of the songs are compelely different from each other, so it is not easy to catigorize. LACRIMA CHRISTI have found a kind of free-style beyond the well-known pigeonholes.

The lyrics reach the same bandwidth as the music: From Fantasy to Surrealism in order to describe reality.

On stage the band attaches importance to clear sound-structures. I.e. the performance should be done without exaggerated volumes.


In 1994 ex-members of IMMORTALIS and ABSZESS united, LACRIMA CHRISTI was born. At that time Karsten Goebel still played the second guitar, but left the band after production of the debut-album.

In spring 1995 the "crying christians" could publish their first demotape "RAEDER DES SCHICKSALS", that went down so well that it is absolutely sold out.
Two songs songs were "preserved" on the CD-compilationsamplers "DEW" (Nacht und Nebel Rec.) and "ONLY DEATH IS REAL VOL. I" (OTR Prod.).

In 1996 keyboarder Daniel Kuhlmey joined the band. He completed the current line-up as well as the music.

In august 1998 LACRIMA CHRISTI travelled to Italy, the same-named red wine´s home...
In Italy at the "AGGLUTINATION Open-Air-Festival" they played as the co-headliner for the band ATHENA.
"SPIEGEL", the debut album was produced in 1999.
A rough mix of the song "Hypocrite" was taken from that album for the well-known 2CD-Sampler "DEATH-O-PHOBIA 6" (Earth A.D.).
By now, "SPIEGEL" got good and very good reviews by Zines as ROCK HARD, ETERNITY, LEGACY, MOSHPIT and others.

In summer of the year 2000 the band combined new compositions to a draft. The second album "MASKENBALL" could be produced.
The music bears a resemblence to the predecessor but appears more compact.
The ripening of the musicians and their total product LACRIMA CHRISTI is recognizable.

Even the same year the band signed two further compilations by Raeudig Rec. and The Netherworld.

At now, LACRIMA CHRISTI is searching for further promotion and distribution for their longplayers and live action...

...and for all who wants to know more about our name and its sources, may click here

Daniel “Jelicek” Kuhlmey
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Gregor Zelazny
guitars, vocals
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Marco Gebert
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